Sunday, 8 June 2014

Plaid/tartan Scottish style gets a fashionista flare

Just a weekly update.Check,plaid,tartan-call it whatever you please, just make sure you invest in it this season. They have been around since 2009, and looks like there are here to stay! I like em but not that crazy about em. Personally I think Plaids work best as a layering piece, worn as a top, bottom paired with other pieces or simply wrapped around your waist, especially with leggings and skinny jeans.
In lookbook, I have seen many looks of tartans by different bloggers all around. I noticed many wearing plaided piece from forever21. I guess they have really huge collection. Not to forget they are so popular on runways. Now its a look no longer confined just to a schoolgirl's skirt or scottman's kilt ( they look so like our Gho hehe). Bearing that in mind I thought why can't I just make a tartan style statement myself. Having picked the skirt, I found a matching top,shoes and a bag. I think its so wearable in bhutan, since not many trends are very appropriate in  bhutanese society.

When I saw this bag, first thought was like how cute. If I hide the sling, it looks just like a book. I think joke is on me, since I love books, that I even find a bag which could easily fool anyone for a book.

 I do own lot of shoes. Amongst all, I really wear this pair a hell lot more. When I saw this pair, it was like as if a thousand bricks had hit me at once, I fell in love at fight sight, love as in capital L. Zara ran out on em ages ago but there are lot of lookalikes and replicas. Corny that most replicas I found are actually more expensive than the actual one from Zara.  I will link it bellow.
                                                           until next time everyone ciao!
                                                               skirt : Forever21
                                                                Top: India
                                                                Bag : Hangzhou China
                                                                Shoes :Zara ( similiar here)

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