Monday, 13 January 2014

Buckle up the Buckles

Hola guys!
This is the blog update for the pictures I uploaded yesterday. I reach home very late these days from work and I am taking break from my books, so only thing left for me to do is update.
When my dad started doing business like three decades ago, his most associates were indians, they still are. I had this indian influence ever since I was a baby and that doesn't exclude my siblings. Why I am babbling with these background check? well I do this silly competition with my siblings,' who can eat the most pani puri'. We had this silly competition few months back and me being  fetish of sour stuffs,  you can imagine how many pieces I must have eaten. It was my first time ever being a victim of food poisoning. It was such a nasty experience.
I left right after my supposed recovery for bangkok and it got worse when I did some dipping in a pool. My whole stay was spoilt because of this silly little competition I had. On my way back to Bhutan, I had a worst flight; formost reason I was so unwell, secondly JAGAS are not the best of travel buddies. I really felt bad towards flight attendants, JAGAS can sure give em a hell bad time and OMG lastly my flight got delayed by 4 hrs, we couldn't land in kolkota so had to do emergency landing somewhere. When my flight landed I might have been the first person to get off, I really needed to find bathroom so badly, I thought I was gona puke all my insides out. It was such a bad experience for me.

Enough of mambo jambos and coming back to post, loving this jacket from VB's collection.
This shoe is one of my favourites, I am shoe fetish but moreover I tend to like pumps.

This jacket and Shoes are just so alike, not just in color but this whole buckle detailing just blows my mind away.

This ensemble is one of my favourite, I think it gives that cool vibe and has some chicness to it.

xoxo,                                   Jacket : VB collection
C.                                         Leggings : Forever 21( here)
                                             Shoes : Jessica Burman ( here)
                                             sweater/clutch : Bkk

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