Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tulle Ballerina Skirts!

hey everyone!
My first ever post of 2014. I'm so excited to report my first 2014 trend: Tulle skirts! Tulle Ballerina skirt is such an IT item piece in fashionverse. I remember wearing my first piece in 2010 on one of my first dates with my boyfriend.I still remember his words, quote " whats with you and your obsession of phirphirlas" (laugh). He said I looked like a kid who came wearing her tutu. I remember getting so mad and yelling at him,"well news flash your shirt looks one of those pieces from bangkok streets" (laugh). Now thinking back about those moments, where we had ego clashes are something we really laugh about.
If it were socially acceptable, I would probably wear a tutu everyday during one of those hot summer weathers. However,since wearing tutu is frowned upon, especially since it is tagged as a skirt for little girls.Now that girls can go bold with their outfits, it can be paired with blazers,tights,heels,wedges and anything else your heart desires and I think its such a statement piece, it has a girly vibe to it with subtle edginess to it. 

This whole outfit is about to let go of all the discomforts you might have about yourself and how others might perceive your appearance. Don't let negativity get you, I often feel like one should dress in something one is most comfortable in. Just because all your friends wear mini doesn't mean you should follow the crowd, life is too short to live in others accordance. 

These shoes were pretty comfortable as I wore it on new year eve, It gave me a lift, I felt pretty tall and made me feel good about myself.  

This midi length tulle paired with faux feather top looks pretty good ensemble to me, what say?

Uni qlo seems pretty popular in bhutan, maybe its time to admit but I seriously never heard about that brand till I reached Bhutan. My family were really shopping quite a lot in their store and they asked me to select for myself, I was like I am good and  told em I did my share of shopping. They selected this jacket for me and they were like thank me when you reach thimphu ( laugh), now seriously I can't get enough, its seriously so snug fit and so warm, I am really thankful.
xoxo,                 Jacket : Uni Qlo
C                       Skirt/top : Bkk
                          Shoes: Hangzhou China

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