Thursday, 25 April 2013

Styl3: Laid back

Hello guys!
Its Anzac day today and a public holiday in Australia. I thought it was an apt time for me to have a post.This outfit is no fuss, low key and most casual to kick in. This is one of those outfit which is not supposed to glam you up and most importantly it took me less than 10 mins to get ready.Call the casual revolution or whatever, but widespread acceptance of casual clothing is the best thing ever happened to fashion-land. Normally T-shirt and jeans are the de-facto uniform for the off duty for me, nothing makes me feel more casual. Like I mentioned before, for last few years I have been going through some weight issues. I own very less denim jeans, most of my jeans are in size 26, embarrassing as it is to say but they are all little too big for me now. I hardly get jeans in my size, I own very few jeans which fit me perfectly and I am not really fond of wearing loose jeans. The ones I wear are some of the few that I managed to scrap it in size 24 and 25 from various stores. I resort to leggings and Jeggings for that very reason. They are one of my favourite types of fashionable spandex because of their flexibility. leggings are stretchier,which flatter features like hip,thighs but if worn wrong way could be little too unflattering on some of the womanly curves ( laugh).

I have worn high top shoes alright, but I only had them in converse. I never really did own any sneakers.I bought my first pair in 2012 boxing day and now I own around like 3 pairs. I really thought I got lucky with this sneaker when I got it for $75 but now I am furious because now there is further reduction in price.

I personally heart Ponchos. I mean really what could be better than snuggling up in a warm cape and looking stylish while doing it. Capes and Ponchos are now available in so many styles and colours that there is one to suit everyone's individual taste. The best thing about ponchos is they are very easy to wear, comfy and yet flattering.

This is same hairdo like I had in my black and white stripe post, though I spiced it up a bit by teasing it and giving more edginess to it. I love side pony-tails and buns, I find it more comfortable to wear.
I think green eye shades look good one me, be it light or dark. I think black,pink and green are what I use most from my eyeshadow palette.

toodle-oo,                                     Top: Armani Exchange
C.                                                 Leggings: ASOS ( here)
                                                     Shoes: Steve Madden (here )
                                                     Ponchos : Korean store

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