Friday, 5 April 2013

white on whites!

I just got back my laptop and they have done a very good job, it feels great. I thought I would post these photos, which were taken around last weekend, and now that I have my laptop I could do necessary editing.
Coming back to this post, it seems black and white will play a huge part in trends of 2013. They are no longer reserved for basics and formal events. In this look I tried to pull off what seemed impossible, yes! say hello to my new summer bestie..White on white! I have seen most celebrities wear whites and I have been meaning to do a post but whenever I tried on white ensemble, it just didn't look right. I have been wanting to do a post ever since Taylor Swift walked dressed all white for her Grammy performance, but what triggered me the most is the Korean band Big bang. I was watching their recent concert in Japan and all members were beautifully dressed in white, and I knew I somehow had to pull that look off. I admit wearing it could be little unnerving. It requires more effort to pull off this ensemble, as it bears higher risk for dreaded lunch spill or coffee (you know what I mean).

Well this is my second post on heel-less platforms (here). I did a fair research before I bought them and many reviews said they were quite comfy despite their looks. I Couldn't disagree more, we have very different definition of comfort! these badass shoes are very dangerous, I think you can walk in them only in plain platforms. If you trip I think you can seriously hurt your ankles. I am not really good with heels to begin with. How I ended up with this shoe is a very long story. I will save you from all these jibbber jabbers.

If my pants are long, I like it peg legged than folding it inside.

Look not at me but what is behind me, my white flats (laugh), like I said these shoes are pretty dangerous.

I don't feel the need to elaborate more on this trend, who doesn't like white, right? So thought will just come up with random topic. Do you guys watch Games of thrones? I started watching because I couldn't understand why everyone liked it so much. Even after watching few first episodes, I found it little too barbaric for my liking. I love action movies just fine, but somehow few episodes didn't meet my expectation. Few of my friends who are die hard fan of the show, they were like "its so awesome right?" and I couldn't help but give a hesitant " right...” But that is like history now; I am such a huge fan now. I even started reading their books on eBook. Season 3 was just aired last week and I read on CNET that it broke all BitTorent Records. I know show is little controversial on its adult scenes but I think its epic where story is headed. 

Sorry! about the number of pictures, I couldn't bring myself to narrow down to few and I was like heck with this and uploaded all the ones I liked.
Hope this made a fun read and have a very happy weekend.

xoxo,                                   Top : Forever New
C.                                         Pants: Zara
                                            Bag: GUESS
                                            Shoes : Nasty gal

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