Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Yellow vs Red

Hello Guys,
Its been a while that we have updated our blog and to make up for not being regular we have a special duo post. I actually would love to have a shoot with two models, with third party as a photographer because normally she takes my pictures and vice versa. Today, I had a very frantic day. My laptop has been giving some problem so I had an appointment with apple geniuses, I woke up late and had to run to catch my train, while I was getting ready I checked train timetables and I saw I just had 5 mins, normally if I don't have around 10 mins, I know I ll never make it so I try to catch next one but today I had an appointment so I ran my ass off, I did make it but I have never felt so outta breath in my life. Today, I was meant to run I guess, number of back and forth I did around city was just so tedious.
Coming to the post, I am wearing the iconic yellow blazer from Zara. You must have seen many fashion bloggers wear it, I personally have seen quite a lot myself (here). I saw Pretty Little liar Hanna wear in one of the episodes, so I was like " they do wear cloths from Zara" (laugh) and Kendall Jenner as well. Blazer has a detachable zip and it can be made into petty coat, Multi purpose indeed!

I love my accessories here and heart those shoes. No girl can say no to pointy heels, its easy to warm up to a shoe that instantly slims the leg and lends a very polish to any look, which is why pointed-toe pumps continue to be all time wardrobe essentials.

It has gotten a lot colder, I think right now weather here and back home are just the same. I was just comparing on my phone, not really an uncanny concidence since its spring there and fall for me.
I thought other alternative pairing for this look could be a white pant like the picture below.
                                             Jacket : ZARA (here )
                                             Shoes: Wittner (here)
                                             shorts/pant : random store
                                             top: Blockout Clothing
                                             accessories : Lovisa

 There is no doubt, the varsity trend is hotter than ever. I just love how the sporty feel of the jacket can look sophisticated and cool with the most feminine pieces. They have always been the definition of coolness, I remember watching movie as a kid where the school's hottie will be a football captain and would always wear varsity jackets. Like I have said before, there is a fair chances your dad has it at the back of his closet.As much as I love my Varsity Jacket, its not really practical to wear most of the time.I really struggle to wear this with other cloths and fail every time I try pairing it. But it still remains one of my favourites from my collection.
Denim on denim is one of the latest trend these days.Denim is and always will be every girl's key staple in her wardrobe. Denim can not only be bought in variety of colours,  can achieve variety of looks, from chic to casual to downright glam.

 This shoe and the yellow shoes from above had me really perplexed. I just wanted to buy a pair but I really couldn't decide, I loved em both.They were same prized and both looked equally delicious, in the end I was like heck with this and got both. The price of  red one has really reduced, I don't know why yellow one is taking hell long time to come on sale.

 I love denims from GUESS, because you can get size 24 and 25 in almost all of their designs.My model has lost significant amount of weight, the fact that my jeans fit her is an evidence enough.

       She has become playful and much more comfortable with camera now.
 Anyways guys, hope this made a fun read and you liked our double posts. Sorry about the resolutions of our pictures, It was nearly sunset when we took the pictures and was almost dark so our apologies!

                                                Jacket :Abercrombie
                                                denim top/pant :GUESS
                                                Shoes: Wittner (here )