Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Single Ladies part 1

 Hello Readers,

Valentines day isn't that far, deciding what to wear if you are going out is always difficult; you want something, which is so not over the top, and which isn’t so fussy yet look pretty and stylish and of course be confortable in it.  So, I thought I would give my two cents on how to dress up for the day, whether you are single,searching or attached.
From today's post till Valentine’s Day, It’s all about V-day. My first post as in this post is to you all single ladies. I don't know if you are single by choice or waiting for your prince charming. I am gona be your little fairy godmother and help you prepare for V-day. If you are single and you are going on a casual one time date with someone or plan to party all night long with your girlfriends, this look is perfect for you.
These types of playsuits are for those ladies who embrace their femininity, who likes to flaunt their curves. If you are someone who is just taking a break from a relationship and commitments but got a one time casual date, this getup says you are not trying to please him but at the same time ready to have fun. This outfit is perfect for girl's night out, boots say you are ready to go crazy even climb some fences and do some running around, you can even wear it to party though you might wana change your shoes.
(btw isn't my first picture just epic? LoL)
 I am wearing this thin knit sweaters because I like having something warm incase it got chilly; pefect for cinema,in movies I usually get cold even in summer as Ac is just too high. Its okay to break fashion rules, you don't necessarily have to wear red on V-day. I like wearing other colors on V-day but add tad bit of red to it, try to keep the shades of red minimum like just a red lips or shoes.
In no way in the world I am suggesting you wear fedora or carry an earphone, I was just chilling in the park, so those were my park essentials.

 Since this look is for single ladies;though you don’t have a hot date, you still want to turn some heads during night out with your girlfriends. Best way is to wear simple, classic dress that accentuates your body type. Ankle boots or wedges are good options for casual approach.

You should be dressed up enough for a fancy dinner, comfortable enough to hit dance floor, and still look casual enough for a fun crazy night!

          Collar has jewel embellishments. So I didn't think accessories were required.

I will let my pictures do all the talking and not write much but I promise to write more in next post. If you missed my status on facebook, I mean to have 3-4 posts under each categories(3 categories); Single ladies look, Classy/lady look and sexy before Valentine. My final post will be on V-day with the actual outfit I will wear that day.
                                 Dress/sweater : ASOS
                                 Shoes : Nude
                                 Bag/Hat : Ninewest

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