Thursday, 10 January 2013

Do you like what you see?

Hey readers,
Oh there she is with eyes closed,yes! our model she does that a lot ( laugh),jokes apart I know it hasn't been long since my last post. I couldn't just help myself, yesterday was such a beautiful day with maximum temperature of 21°C, when just on Tuesday it was 43 °C; that’s the prize we pay for living in coastal side. Heat wave isn’t over yet; this Saturday is predicted to be same. I thought yesterday was a perfect opportunity to go for a shoot before temperature went soaring up again. Since there was no sun, I am afraid pictures came little dull but I would choose dull pictures 100 times over a photo-shoot in 45 °C. Where your sweating like a buffoon with smeared makeups all over. 

I love this halter neck dress. I have always hated my bust size, its way too small even for Asian. Halter neck in any forms help girls like me create cleavage and look bit perkier. And I particularly love this one because you can add accessories to it. Wear any necklaces over it; they all match with the dress. This dress is little big for me so I normally add belt to waist but this dress was a perfect fit to her so I didn’t bother with the belt. If you do own a similar dress, just add belts of any kind and see the result. I don’t really own any leather dress, so the faux leather skirt part of the dress is what drew me and neck part too.
This bag is very handy. Its really huge and fits all my stuffs. Its not a bad looking either. Oh! about the shoes, if you think I own lots of shoes in beige,yes! I indeed do. I bought this shoes during christmas, not 2012 christmas in fact bought it in 2011. Can you believe I never really wore it till she did. Since I keep all my shoes in their original boxes,it was as new as when I first bought it.

I really like pony tails on her. I think it matches with her face shape. Her hairdo is simple, just section the top hair from the rest and frech braid it and then tie it with rest of the hair.This hair is  Nicole Scherzinger inspired.

                              Have a good weekend. Thanks for reading our blog and do share your views on us.Feedbacks would be greatly appreciated.

toodle-oo,           Dress: Forever 21
C.                      Shoes : Wittner Shoes
                         Bag : Calvin Klien Jeans
                         Necklace : Colette

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  1. That's my outfit :D
    She looks great!
    Let's beat the heat on Saturday.