Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cut It Out Maxi

Hi Everyone!
These photos were taken a while back, I was studying and felt a twinge of sleepiness crawling in so just decided to chill myself out in park. I was wearing the same outfit but I was wearing my ballet flats, we decided it was time we took some clicks, I quickly ditched my flats and grabbed a first pair of heels that was in sight, along with some accessories. We appreciate all the supports and feedbacks that you guys have given us, many have really praised the team but they asked if we could do it more often (we totally agree on that). So taking your criticism, we have an update today.
 I have been trying to get rid of my tan of last two and half years, been avoiding shorts and wearing more of maxi and jeans, which is very hard for me in this heat. Maxis are my perfect go-to on a warm day where tights and jeans would be an awful and sweltering idea. There really are no set rules around styling maxi skirts, tuck in, let tops hang out, wear flip flops, boots, wear at the waist, wear at the hips, wear in winter, in make the rules. I am quite a maxi-holic ( if there is such a word). This asymmetrical striped maxi that I am wearing has an underlay mini skirt with a matching overlay with a huge cut out on one side. Its casual yet so sexy and chic, you can choose to dress up, or dress down in them.You can make your own by cutting an old maxi skirt if you like. I don’t consider myself a pundit when it comes to fashion; I wear what I like and how I like it, but I do get inspirations watching people who I claim DO have a fair knowledge of clothing know-how.This whole pairing is just my doing, and I was reluctant to share these photos as I find em way too ordinary and I am little perfectionist when it comes to photography, I didn’t fancy much on how they turned out but when I asked my friends if I should, I had an overwhelming amount of “ yes pleases”.

In some pictures i look very tanned, i thought i would brighten the setting but it would have spoilt its beauty.This is the tannest i have ever looked but i understand why models prefer getting tanned, it looks great in pictures. Ever since i was a young girl i had this habit of applying baby oil on my legs, it makes them look shiny like em models, I don't know what models apply but that works for me.
These suede pumps with an almond shape toes in leopard print must look very familiar, yes! It’s a look alike of Alexander Wang pump. They are so alike that only thing that gives away is; Wang’s heels are chunkier. This pair is from SKIN and boy oh boy I am impressed with its quality. I am so flauntingly wearing them as if they were Alexander Wangs' (hahaa).
I wish you could see the details of my sunnies vividly, it has an animal print as well, i wore it to match with my heels.

Often question I am asked is how to get those natural curls without a heat. So these are the steps I do before I go to bed after a shower;
a.     Apply mousse/ hair cream
b.     If you want your curls from half way like mine, tie a ponytail and French braid it.
If you want from right top, French braid from right top without a ponytail.
c.     Untie in the morning and spray some hairspray.  VOILA!

C.                                       Shirt/ top : Guess
                                           Skirt: Piper Lane
                                           Sunnies: Gucci
                                           Shoes : SKIN
                                           Neckpiece: Sportsgirl
                                           Bracelets : Diva


  1. Hey, I really really loved the combination, especially the Top. You are totally rocking the outfit.
    Miss youuuuuuuuu