Saturday, 10 November 2012

Vintage Jumpsuit : i Call it curvy Jumpsuit part 1

Hi Readers,
We have changed few things about our blog, we were told that the previous settings we had looked childish and unprofessional, we have kept simple this time.We will try to have a post every week, if not, at-least ll have bimonthly updates. Today it ll be just  a quick post.
You need to go out once in a while - for me its been a long while, haven't really gone out and do what you like doing the most, for me its probably taking pictures or being taken.We have always sneaked camera while shopping, strolls in the park but never actually went out just to take pictures, well not anymore..i can proudly say we went out for a photo-shoot. What are the odds that from all the days, the day it rained had to be on our photo-shoot day, Yikes! we were drenched.
I wanted to do post on this jumpsuit for ages, probable reason being i bought two of same piece. It was a love at first sight, but i was bit skeptic since it was from an asian website ( they have the worst quality). I decided to buy it( was only $30 ) only to find out that even XS was too big for me, still determined and unbeaten i bought XXs and gave Xs to my friend. I have never bought any thing so recklessly but you can't blame me, style was so different and exquisite that i needed to own it. This Jumpsuit has a vintage appeal to it, it kinda gives you impression of a high waist pant paired with a waterfall top, even has a very tight waist line so it really accentuate your curves.
Images below are from that website ( almost gave me eye-gasm hahaa) .

We took quite a number of pictures indoor because it wouldn't stop raining. So how do you like this outfit? do you think it was worth the trouble i went through? I know i could have just exchanged the size and not buy two but seriously if you know what a hassel return could be online, you wouldn't quite blame me plus it wasn't expensive at all.
Weather was gloomy-ish, so i added Blazer to it. I love my Blazer collection ( i pride on that hahaa) , especially i have massive collection in bright colours. You must quite be familiar with my model by now, she is really camera shy, it takes great deal to losen her up. This is supposed to be a quick post so let me not blabber much and yeah do look forward to our post next week, its a continuation of this post.         HAPPY WEEKEND !!

                                                  Blazer : Zara
                                                  Bag : Chanel
                                                  Shoes : Christian Loboutin ( Replica)
                                                  Jumpsuit : online

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