Sunday, 8 July 2012

one shoulder cocktail dress + LV

Hi everyone!
This is my first attempt to blogging and if you are wondering if this is me, yes! thats me..hahaa that was a bad joke, Actually,I asked my friend to help me out and voila! she jumped to the oppurtunity ( lil exxagerated).
So, i picked a random outfit and then found her contradictory heels and bag.I'm not one of those who needs to have all matched up attires on me, i like exploring and experimenting but i don't like to go too extreme, extremity is not my thang!

How do u like the photography? I'm not photographer either I had a gang helping me you see hahaha..not quite, it took three-men cell to make this post happen, hope you guys like it.

 From all Louis Vittons', damier print is my favourite. As u can see, my bag has some broken edges. I was so protective of my bag that i folded and kept in the dust bag that came along with the bag, hence the broken edges. Note to all, you are supposed to stuff in with tissues or something that would define its shape. Later comes the dust-bag but little did i know back then.

                                                         Thanks for dropping by!!

                         Dress : Blockout Clothing
                         Bag: Louis Vitton speedy 30
                         shoes : Ninewest
                         Neckpiece: Colette


  1. Simply a stunning damsel with a wonderful outfit. Thou art magic, that makes my heart beat harder.
    And captions are awesome. Liked the introduction, thus the Posts Must Follow On. Me shall eagerly wait for thine next change.

    1. Thank you!! we are definitely gonna continue.