Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Batwing Trend : Trend you love to remember

Hi everyone!
just a quick post, actually in this post I realised I am wearing many of my oldest stuffs in my collection. Those shoes are one of the first heels I ever bought in Australia and bag is literally the first.
Trend, that has been one of my winter favourites is batwing/ Cape style Jackets - up,up and away! for me its a superhero meets runway chic, meaning I fly high in cozy capes to keep me snug.There is something so romantic and nostalgic about this victorian era classic. Not to mention, the long billowing silhouette is perfection for hiding everything else going on underneath it, meaning it can really be this main factor in your ensemble with little effort given to everything else. To embrace this trend, you need to go hunting for the perfect cut. Whilst most cape style jackets are suitable for a range of sizes, they can engulf you a little if you're a smaller fit. This is something that you should definitely watch out with bat-wing style jackets, as they are usually oversized.

Like I said these shoes and bag have been there in my collection forever! I haven't used them in like years so they were little outta shape while taking pictures- my apologies!

I don't have much to write for now, look forward to new post tomorrow which I assure is much better.
Thanks for reading our blog and have a good night everyone!

xoxo,                               Jacket : Uno Shimada
C.                                    Pant : ZARA
                                        Shoes: Wanted Shoes
                                        Bag : Nine West

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