Saturday, 21 July 2012

Backless Gem Decorated Chiffon Halter Dress Black + red bottom shoes

Hi everyone!
Our sincere apology to everyone for not having any updates. I don't know if these pictures are worth sharing since they are taken by C herself in self timer mode, but we thought to have something rather than nothing. 
As you know one is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.I think this black backless dress is most suited for night out
, not only is this dress easy to slip into its super comfortable as well (I guess that’s why everyone loves chiffon), this dress is no- fuss and chic at the same time. The closure at the back with just two strings lend a sexy surprise, play around with the likes of this dress, play with length, try maxi in halter dress, it will give you the light weight summer feel.

Do my heels look familar? yes! they are christian Louboutin bibi (platform pumps), unfortunately they are replicas. I am obsessed with christian Louboutin and their red bottom shoes, i am saving for my first pair.The one i have is a very close replica and normally you can get them from $100- 300, if you find wasting 1-2 grand on shoes to be futile. If you are wearing anything in dark shades, I say, get bold and wear solid neons for heels. 



  1. "So beautiful and backless black dress!thanks for sharing ! i also have a similar one and i got it from here.both the price and quality are wonderful.if you feel tired maybe you can take a look~~~