Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Personalise, Customize and Minimize

Hello again!
Did I mention I take ample pictures in different outfits in a day during my off days. Well, while going through my drive, I found lot of pictures on summer outfits. Considering there is just a month left of a summer, I shall try to post twice a week. So, here I am with another post just after few days of my last post.  I was actually looking for an instant outfit, and I couldn't find anything better than this romper short.I hear many ladies say  that romper and jumpsuits were invented by lazy women. Because you don't really have to wear anything else with em, just pair a matching heels and viola here you have a ready- to- go-outfit. Personally, I like this onesie because you can style them with chic heels, or tone them down with cool trainers, sneakers, wedges and chunky sandals. Rompers and Jumpsuits are really what you make of em, hype it up with right accessories and heels for night outs and tone em down withs flats and sneakers, there you have a very casual outfit. You can personalise, customise and minimalise like i have with this look, just a handbag and nothing else. Since, this is not my first post on rompers, I'll  keep this post very short and sweet ( laugh).
Chloe Faye Bags are one of the most beautiful and practical bags. Its a rare find where beauty meets practicality. I have 4 faye bags in different sizes and colors, from all this bracelet faye is my favourite, in this shoot I removed their iconic chain which fastens from front. I just love this bag and it was so reasonable.

xoxo,                                                   Romper : ASOS (click here)
C.                                                         Sandal : ASOS ( click here)
                                                             Bag : Chloe Faye inspired

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