Friday, 4 August 2017

Rad Ruffle

I am pretty sure gingham/plaid is taking over as the print to wear this summer.  I adore how new styles have the classic preppy feel, but in a modernized kind of way. The cuts-from off Shoulders tp chic skirts, and the details, like fun flirty sleeves , especially ruffled like mine are exactly what print needs to stay relevant. No picnic table cloth looking styles ya know?
I am drown more towards blue and black gingham, but other looks equally adorbs, just not when I wear em (laugh ).
Are you ready to…..Ruffle?
Ruffles are so in trend right now , which makes me happy because they are incredibly feminine. There is something about this style that epitomizes the summer. Frills and ruffle are best kept simple, they speak volume on their own. I love wearing ruffle top with jeans, especially with blue cliché! But they look  so dope.
I bought this top last year or year before, not exactly sure when, I actually haven’t worn em because I seriously didn’t know how. These photos were taken at the beginning of the year, and  I deemed em not worthy on my blog. Lately, everyone has been wearing this print, posting and talking of this print. So, I changed by mind and decided to post em as I didn’t have anything better to post anyways. This ruffled top is vastly popular, I really don’t know which design house initially designed em, but now everyone retail outlets have em, judging by design, they look so Caroline Constas but maybe I am wrong.

Celine Candle heel Mule, mine one aren't the best replica but oh boy! they sure give one an eyegasm. If this shoe doen't define the perfect fushion of retro and modern, I don't know what does? They are cool in a subtle i am formal kinda way.Original one is so lit, but way beyond my means.
This summer Jeans from ASOS is the thinnest and lightest jeans I have ever known. Its perfect for summer and I just love snug fit jeans.

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