Saturday, 15 July 2017

Wide leg Jumpsuits

One of my favourite recent purchases would be my wide leg jumpsuits. They are comfy, easy and stylish.  With single piece, you instantly have a high fashion outfit. It’s a sneaky way to get in on the culottes/wide leg pants trend without having to worry about what kinds of tops work with voluminous bottoms.

Where can we wear wide leg jumpsuits, anyway? The answer is everywhere, as these babies can be dressed up or down, they can be paired with lot more than we expect. The head-to-toe, all in one garment creates a striking look that move beyond a simple dress or pant and top combo, and into more fashionable territories. So, why then do many women still avoid this trendy piece? Well. It isn’t always the easiest piece to pull off. Choose the wrong fit or style, pair it with wrong accessories, you can go from a fashion hero to fashion zero (laugh).  Especially for petite ones like me, we have to be extra careful with the fit.

Almost all my jumpsuits are from ASOS, I always end up buying from the tall section, as it happens they only have not so good ones in petite. Luckily this one they made for both taller and petite frame. I have been wearing a lot of wide leg jumpsuits this summer, they are chic and I don’t get burnt by sun much.

 After Gucci Princetown mule, male loafer look alike has been really popular in fashion world. Every shoe stores have these leather  mules and we have ample styles to meet everyone’s taste.
BTW notice my chubby cheeks? sadly, I am one of those who put up weight on their face first than anywhere else. Now, that I am 50 kgs, I have reached my desired weight, all i need is to ton down those chubbiness ( hahaa) . 
Anyways readers thats all I have for today, stay safe and alert in this dangerous monsoon season. Better be safe than sorry!

 xoxo,                                    Jumpsuit : ASOS ( click here   )
C                                            Mule : Forever 21
                                              Flared top : Aliexp

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