Thursday, 6 July 2017

more swag in my pinky than your winky

This 90’s trend has officially resurrected. The slip dress (or pajama style cami dress) is making its presence known in fashion world and quickly becoming celebrity and street style favorites.
I definitely don’t like all the trends that pop up season after season. Honestly, there are selective trends that I do like and wear.  I talked in my old post how majorly I loved off shoulder trend, another trend I loved from the very beginning is the cami over shirt trend.
This trend actually works in a lot of different variations. Its for you to decide if you want to wear it over a t-shirt, blouse, a turtleneck or a button down shirt. You can wear it as a top or cami dress.  I feel when you wear a slip dress over a tshirt or blouse, you look messy in a impossibly chic way.So, this pink slip dress was above knee length on model, I keep forgetting my petite frame and that I am not 5'8 like those models (laugh) .

Gucci Dionysus, a structured  bag in floral or canvas print, they are mind blowing. These are the dupes I found online in very reasonable prices. So, few months back when I instagrammed the pictures of these bags, a chilip blondie commented saying my bags were dupes (giggling remembering it) . I was like duh! They are hence the hasgtag replica and lookalike. I don’t know how she missed those hastags but I always make sure to tag dupes as dupes, not pretending I could afford otherwise. I have had similar experiences before, so to avoid those cynics and their nastiness, I always state dupes for dupes. I don’t know how anyone can confuse $100 bag for $2500. That Blondie asked me why I would buy a dupe when the real one was so much nicer, told me I should have saved and bought a real one instead of some cheap replica ( laugh ) .  I tried to explain how I couldn’t waste thousands of  dollars on one bag but she wouldn’t hear any of  it (  you can read our fight on my instagram ). 

It disheartens me when I read  “I have more swag in my pinky than your winky”  quotes in instagrams and facebook. You know girls being at war with each other , claiming how she is real and herself but the other one trying to imitate and trying to be something she is not. Girls cat fights annoy the hell outta me, the saying girls fight with eachother but women empowers eachother has really touched my soul. I just hope these beefs aren't over a guy. I don’t have many admirers and even less haters because I m quite indifferent. Probably because of my lack of response, I don’t ever fight-period! Focus on career and your future girls, no guy or girl Is worth sacrificing your self worth and pride. As a woman, support fellow women.

xoxo,                                             Dress : ASOS ( click here)
C.                                                  Boots :H&M
                                                      Sheer Blouse : Aliexpress
                                                      Bag : Gucci Dionysus

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