Friday, 22 July 2016

Summer's New Neckline: The Hatchling

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is save and sound? With all the floods and landslides in the country, i ask everyone to be very careful with yourself and ones you care about. So, our workshop in Toorsa almost got hit by flood again, but this time around we were prepared and took precautionary measures days back, unlike many we weren't affected much. I hope everyone affected by this disaster overcome this tragedy and hopefully our government will do something about this flood which happen every monsoon season.

Today, I am gona talk about something that hugs you in right places, at the right time, pour tons of warmth, looks chic, any clues yet..?? They love your body. Knows your body. Flaunt your body....Noooo!! I am not talking about man in your lives (laugh). Its a thing you wear, that makes you feel sexy in a very retro and un-flaunting-flesh-sort-of-way. They cover you entirely and used to be massive hit back then in 90's. yes! I am talking about turtle neck dresses and tops (hehee, exaggerated much? )  Turtle neck as one of the mainstreams for winter is so 2013, tons of dresses and tops with high necks have been introduced as summer wear. They are not as high as stuffy winter turtle neck, you can call them a baby turtle (laugh). Neckline that elegantly extends up. Wear tight turtle neck dresses in sheer thin qualities, trust me, you would be introducing a very new look for summer. I like sleeveless than sleeved turtle dresses, keeping cool is easy in sleeveless. What beats this sophisticated dress is a baby turtle cropped tops, they are found in so many materials and I am just loving my collection, be it sleeveless or full. The hatchling was my undoing!

Addidas has been growing on me since last few years, hard not to when you are dating a bona fide addidas fan. He is someone who camps outside the store at the crack of a dawn, when some limited editions are released, I call it crazy, he calls it love (hahaha). Addidas tubular was the only sneakers I liked which I could afford. He suggested me few more but they were outrageously priced and I was like hell to the NOOO! I bought mine from bangkok and they are currently on sale (click here) , sadly they really don't have sizes and colors but don't you worry you can get em delivered to you on your door step ( click here) . They are much cheaper than buying from retail outlets.
 Puma's Kylie Jenner Fierce and Rihanna's Fenty robbed me dry like sahara desert (laugh). though they have set me back by little on my shopping spree, I am happy with these amazing sneakers. All I want to wear are sneakers and flatforms these days, signs of aging, maybe?
xoxo,                                               Dress : ASOS (click here)
C.                                                     Backpack : Moschino inspired
                                                         Sneakers : Addidas 

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