Monday, 26 October 2015


Yo everyone!
I am gonna get straight to the point and not brag about how busy I have been since our firm is involved in 5 projects, there I said It anyways, maybe I did wanna brag, not much just a tad bit (chuckles).
Jokes aside, I am so in love with this kimono, initially I ordered it in grey but they sent me in pink, this is one of few occasions where I got lucky with Sammy –dress. It was a good thing they made a mistake, you could say it was a very fortunate accident, Isn’t SERENDIPITY the very word used to describe this expression? Hence the tittle of this post (wink). Kimono over ripped jeans, over short shorts, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, kimono compliments with all of em. This Japanese origin kimono trend is one of those trends where western designers have gone looking to the far east for inspiration, but so rarely do such references get taken up with quite so much gusto by the masses.
Call me snob or stupid, but I was one of those delusional stereotypes who felt price defined quality and style. I couldn’t disagree more, fashion really is what you make of what you own. FAST FASHION is a street term they use these days to call this trend. You don’t need me to tell you that between H&M, ASOS, Forever 21 and ZARA, you can pretty much build a wardrobe that looks like it came from any number of high-end labels and boutique.  In Australia there are brands like cotton on, Supree and jayjays which make very cheap and affordable goods, but delusional me convinced myself that I was more quality oriented than quantity, and since I wasn’t a heavy blogger, I hardly bought from those stores only except for few times. This ripped jeans is one of those rare purchases from jay-jays, look how badly I fit into my old jeans (hahaa).
You don’t even have to wear the brands I just mentioned, brands doesn’t define style, you do! Even old clothes can be elevated with the right accessories-none of which have to cost a lot of money. I have found a perfect balance, I am not the old me who would save up and at the end spent just on one handbag, neither am I one of those who needs to buy endless cloths, watches and glasses from thrifts to impress people by my quantity.

Among the brands I can do afford, I find GUESS handbags the best when it comes to quality and designs. This handbag was 9000 baht, I remember comparing it with $100 australian price I paid. seriously, why such a huge difference? granted I bought this on sale like most of my GUESS handbags in my collection. GUESS and Ninewest are always on sale in Australia, so even if I get em shipped till Bhutan, it is still cheaper compared to Guess in Thailand and India.

Manolo Blahnik Inspired heels. I don't know if I inspire people in any ways about the fashion choices but I certainly feel shoefluential ( hahaa). I think I shoefluence quite a few, uncanny coincidences have happened because right after me, I have seen fellow bloggers and few fashion enthusiasts getting exact same. Great minds think alike, maybe? ( hahaa). So, before people name it jealousy, rivalry or other similiar names, I think most fashion bloggers around the world blog on homogenous goods, because we are discussing the "IT" items of the season. I don't know if its by choice or mere coincidence but we bloggers have almost same taste but we maintain our own individualism, we wear the same key items but  style it differently giving our own personal touch.
                                                                     Cardigan : Sammy -Dress
                                                                      Shoes: Manalo Blahnik inspired
                                                                       Pant : Jay-jays
                                                                       tank top : Bangkok

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