Friday, 15 January 2016

Fake It until you make it

Hi everyone!
Its been really long since I last blogged, my excuses are always same work, work nothing but work plus I am not into fashion and myself  like I used to be. Granted new set of shoes and bags still get my heart racing and blood plumping but I am less obsessive and am able to resist from buying "those I want , which I don't need" stuffs. So, my very first post of 2016 is nothing of 2016 but a post which I failed to post last year.
Coming to the post, this is one of the simplest look I have done, what you see is really what you get. I have paired a white trouser with a cropped shoulder off top. One of the biggest trends in terms of season's hues, white isn't just for pretty blouses and dresses. If the weather or occasion demands, white pants are just the ticket. In my line of work, wearing white is not just hard but next to impossible, I work in dirts and dust all day long so I avoid whites like a plague. Given an opportunity, I try to bring my whites out and wear em often as I can but my schedules seldom allow me for social life and vacations.

Gianvito Rossi Black laceup patent leather inspired ankle boot  is one of my greatest finds. I love this shoe very much but I feel these shoes go less with this look so I have experimented other heel, hence the pictures with different shoes. I think studded one suits more with this look, what do you think? This studded ones are from Windsor Smith, they make one of the best quality shoes, you get shoes of this brand from ASOS and they delivery to Bhutan free of cost.

One of the biggest fashion moment of 2015 was definitely the launch of H&M and Balmian collaboration collections. My favourite of all from the collection was the beaded Blazer coat which we have seen Kendal Jenner wearing it to billboard 2015. Most stores around the world ran out out of stock on their first day. So, for a second I thought I would buy that Blazer and I tried to convince its 17,000 baht price tag but the rational side of me took over and I knew no cloth was worth that much money, no matter how beautiful. Plus where on earth was I ever gona wear it, so I chanted to myself buy " those things you need not those you want" hahaa..But hey I have found something similar, yup! I am good in digging up replicas it seems (laugh), fake it until you make it baby haha..FYI Its not the complete replica but something inspired by Olivier Rousteing designs. I am so happy about my finds, I cannot wait to blog about the similar items I have found.
And finally everyone a very have new year and have a mind boggling year.

xoxo,                                Pants: Zara
C.                                     Top : India (via Flipkart )
                                         Heels : Gianvito Rossi (inspired) / Windsor Smith


  1. Love it. You are doing a great job. Supporting you all the way :)

  2. Nice shirt :)
    Maria V.

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