Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bodycon AKA Body Conscious skirt

Hi everyone,
Its Sunday and it’s a blog time, yay!!  How do you like hot and cold weather so far? Seriously, Its really chilly early morning so I come dressed with my jumper and light jackets but as day proceeds my gosh its summer all over again! So this outfit is for those hot autumn days. This look is self-explanatory, I have paired a shoulder off top with a mini skirt in tribal print. There is nothing brainer about the whole look, its simple and chic. For further comfort I have paired it with one of my platform shoes, they would look even better with heels if you were looking for night –out outfit
  .  This bodycon skirt  is figure hugging tight, bodycon stands for "body Conscious"  and hell yeah I am concious of myself whenever I wear tight dresses. I guess tight, figure hugging clothings inspire fear in lot of women. Why? well they suck you right in, your shape is pretty much outlined. You have too much curves or not at all, normally body con tells the whole truth (laugh). Tight bandage dresses are best for night at the club, but for everyday? its best to balance it out, example loose top with tight skirt kinda thing. Decide what ass-et ( pun intended haha)  to flaunt and cover the rest. Plus,in Bhutan I doubt you would get away without getting few stares. 
 These Platform Loafers of Stella McCartney are really comfy and gorgeous. They come in lot of colors and styles, I have a without lace version in Aqua blue, shall blog on those soon. These platform shoes are having quite a fashion moment  with bloggers right now. I don't know about you, but even though the shoe seemed quite okay on its own, I wasn't too compelled at first. But then I started seeing all those gorgeous personal style  bloggers donning theirs pair of Stella McCartney on Instagram and all of a sudden I found myself completely in love. I am glad I am one of the first ones to break this platform shoes to Bhutanese fashion enthusiasts , to have inspired if not all but at least few.
xoxo,                                          Top/skirt : India ( via flipkart )
C.                                                Shoes : Stella McCartney inspired 

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