Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Dear Readers,
I don't have much to write in this post but few lines. I just love warm autumns, its chillness during early morning and late evenings, its warmth during day time . I hope everyone had a good Blessed rainy day? For me two days off from work feels like a vacation.
Lately, girls have been pairing long  sheer cardigans with shorts( daisy duke shorts ),  dresses and rompers which are freakishly short. I think this trend is re-invention of those hippie era, you gotta love this fashion cycle, what goes sure comes around. You don't necessarily have to follow trends but this one is worth giving a shot. Wearing a romper, especially as short as mine can be used to your advantage. They make your legs look slimmer and longer, I suggest your pair em with heels but it looks equally good in flats too. I am in love with my F21 loafer, I literally live in this shoe( exaggerated of course) hahaa.. But I guess it has to do with age, I seriously live in my flats and wear heels with kiras and occasional night outs since I have almost to zero social life.


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