Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Working The Denim Vest Trend + patterned leggings

Dear Readers,
These pictures were taken few months back when it was still chilly. These days since it has been raining a lot, I thought this ensemble would work. I love wearing boots during summer,  I think  boots with shorts kick ass and I would definitely do post on that soon enough!
I remember a sort of panic attack in the first time I saw patterned and colourful leggings. Patterned tops or dresses are one thing but pants? I mean, we were just getting used to wearing brightly colored jeans!
As with any challenging fashion scenario, this mild case of fashion anxiety diminished as soon as I started noticing other fashion enthusiasts being bold and carrying it off so awesomely.  I think everyone, despite their sizes and shapes is capable of pulling off any trend with the right confidence and tad bit of creativity. Because of their comfort and wearability, leggings have remained a staple in many girls' wardrobes for numerous seasons. They are easy to pull on, look cute, and are perfect pieces for layering.
Recently, many women have been putting tights underneath their shorts, and pair with booties or wedges, this is a great couture look. Don't be afraid to get a little edgy!

Cropped denim vest are great staple in your closet for summer. They are lightweight and they can keep you warm on a windy and rainy days but not too warm to make you sweaty like a heavy jacket would. You can pair em with almost anything.

Gone are those days when boots were strictly meant for Winters, I have been noticing this combination of dainty dresses,shorts paired with chunky boots sweeping through street style around the world. I think nomore fashion protocols on how,when and where and you can wear anything that You are most comfortable in.
Isn't there a tiny part of you that wants to hold on to the menswear-inflected fashion? historically we would wear feminine high heels or ballet pumps with pretty dresses or skirts, but this season we can wear different, chunky-soled boots with the slinkiest of skirts! thick- soled shoes with trousers and culottes. I just love this boy-meets- girl fashion trend.

xoxo,                                           Vest/leggings :    Bangkok                
C.                                                 Peplum top : Forever New
                                                     Boots : Jeffrey Campbell Hbic ( via Karmaloop)


  1. gorgeous as alys....n i just luv the outfits

  2. You look so adorable in these photos. Liked everything you are wearing in these photos. Your shoes and pattern leggings are my favorite. Looking for a reputed site to buy such gorgeous leggings for my workouts and yoga classes.