Friday, 28 August 2015

My summer Fling!

Hey everyone!
So I am back to work, after almost a month and half break it feels so surreal to be working. My body can’t seem to bring itself to work mode as I am really having hard time waking up early.

 This romper/ playsuit from Zara is my absolute favorite. I found this romper in most unexpected way. During my last visit to Bangkok, I was waiting for my brothers while they shopped in men section of Zara; they were taking forever in trial room so I just went to window shop of course. They forbade me to shop anymore because by then I had already shopped my quota out. I can be nice and convincing when needed (laugh). I have been looking a way to switch up my summer style, something cool and very laid back,  I can’t find anything better than romper to define summer style.  Runway trend or not, this one piece is chic while comfortable, maybe does have little functional issues like bathroom issues ( laugh). Bathroom jokes aside, some current iterations have made rompers the staple in summer must haves, little bugger that you have to remove all the way for bathroom won’t even cross your mind. They come in so many styles that you can have your pick depending on occasions, you can’t go wrong in this effortless style. Rompers/ Jumpsuits are extremely versatile. Not only can they work for day with a blazer/cardigans and a belt, they can be jazzed up for the night with right heels and statement jewelry. I don’t need any set of jewelry with this because the detailed bib of this romper is set to have eyes turning. Normally why I love jumpsuits and her sister romper is because they don’t need separate coordination; they will do in a pinch when you are short on time. I don’t think my love for romper is just a summer fling; to me they are here for long haul

 EYE heels and clutch are Pierre Hardy inspired. My boyfriend stalks Gdragon of Big bang. He is always watching his videos, cloth he wears to his daily diets. During one of his stalking , I guess Pierre Hardy shoes popped up. Since he thinks fashion is my field of expertise he was like , “ babe ever heard of Pierre Hardy? “  and I was like ,” umm is that a bald designer who makes sneakers” and he just grinned and told me “ No, he is a designer who makes shoes in general not just sneakers but bang on about him being bald” . I just shrugged and was like, “well aint you the lucky one with a smart girl”  (laugh). As it happened we both stalked Pierre Hardy, he may not be the most creative designer in the world but  his shoes have some kind of class and sass.

Romper  : Zara
                                   Shoes/ clutch : Pierre Hardy inspired

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