Thursday, 8 May 2014

What, When..and where

 Hey Folks!
This ensemble is one of the best ensemble I have pulled off, may not be a fact but for me, they are. I am just in love with Dungarees in general, then, it was a staple of a six years old closet, now they are almost the most happening trend, especially amoung celebrities. They are bringing dungarees and onsies to another height.
The resurrection of this childhood staple and I seriously can't get enough. They are the perfect blend between feminism and what we call boyfriend trend. Its more like a tomboy meets a runway. Hope what I just said made sense.

 Valentino rockstud pumps, they are such a beauty! I sold nude version of these and bought myself in a mint green. I kept the black as they go with almost all the outfits. And I already had lot of shoes in nude shade.
 My first reaction to seeing dungarees, was that this trend is reserved for small kids. But I soon changed my mind. I truly believe effective outfit execution is everything. Its how people wear what, when and where that gives a stylish advantage. I wore this to Mojo Park, something elegant yet not over the top.
 You might know the bib-front style all too well because you wore as a child yourself. They give this whole casual vibe to an outfit.
This top is actually a dress, I think I instagramed it saying something I would have worn on valentine if I had a date.
xoxo,                                          Dungaree : ASOS ( click here)
C.                                               Top : ASOS ( click here )
                                                   Shoes : Jessica Burman ( Click here )
                                                   Clutch : Hangzhou

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