Friday, 12 July 2013

Style Stalker Women's Maxi Dresses

 Hi everyone!
Just a quick hello with my maxi dress. Today, I was feeling very girlie and played dress up, so I came across this maxi dress of mine and viola I knew I had to share it with my viewers. Maxi dresses are my definition of spring/ fall fineries, I know its winter and dresses in all could be little hard to wear.I'll be honest, I do still wear dresses quite a bit in the winter, but usually they are of the shorter variety and I wear them with leggings. But I wanted to wear maxi and give in a winter work-over. So, I added my favourite cardigan. This cardigan costed me quite a lot but I have worn this piece like no other item in my wardrobe, I wear it with my shorts during chilly summer evenings, with dresses, leggings...pretty much with everything. I just love the crossed necked button system and quality is so delicate, I always wear my ' Smug' face when I wear it ( laugh). I love this dress with its flowy drape, I just have a thing for one shoulder off dresses. This dress strikes more of a perfect balance between sexy and sweet and came with a very reasonable price tag. I finished it off with the old school " the traditional" way as I call it with the bright red lipstick.

 These shoes caught my attention because of its bhutanese print detailing and they were pretty cheap. I saw something similar in Steve Maddens but they were pretty expensive so when I found this pair I was so happy. Quality is too good for its price, I would say these shoes are one of the least expensive pair in my collection.

 Like I said this cardigan is my absolute favourite. I just loved it so much I got the same style in shorter version from Armani. Long or short? They both work great for me and I own cardigans in several lengths.However, I tend to favor the longer cardigans over shorter ones. If you are wearing something with volume on the bottom, like a skater skirt, go for shorter cardigans.Longer Cardigans look nice with tight pants and leggings. If you go with longer Cardigans, make sure it hits you mid thoigh at the longest. Anything longer will make you look like you're wearing a blanket.

  Hope this outfit tip was informative and useful to my readers, thank you for reading my blog like always and have a very good weekend.
xoxo,                                        Dress/ Shoes : ASOS ( here & here)
C.                                              Cardigan : Saxony
                                                  Bag : Louis Vitton ( here)

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