Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fall sweetheart jumpsuit

Dear Readers,
Its been awhile but I guess settling in your new life always takes time. Finishing school, working and finding your own niche always is daunting, these days I have little time in my hand to waste and I thought I should update when I had time at my disposal. First month and half have been crazy, diving right into work, getting some career shocks and getting adjusted with my surroundings, both professionally and personally.
So meet my new model, ain't she pretty? she is wearing striped jumpsuit as you know striped black and white print has been the IT trend of this year. I was reading about 2013 fall trends and I came across jumpsuits, so I thought this was perfect fall piece. Fall marks the comeback domination of this- structured jumpsuits. They are available in different cuts,styles, and colors. The thing about structured jumpsuits is that they can be worn from day to night with just a simple twisting and switching accessories.

So this ensemble I think its very chic and very cheap as well. On my en route to bhutan I stayed in bangkok for awhile, I had to stay longer there because of some medical reasons. During my stay I got to explore many malls, malls that I have heard about but never really been to, one of them was Platinum Mall. Its a place where you get very cheap stuffs, though quality might not be one of the best, on exploring well you do get good ones. This whole ensemble I bought it there and everything I got in 2000 baht.

One of my favourite accessories antique watch necklace and it has this little watch inside which even tells time, personally love em.

If you are fashion lover, you must have noticed Furla bags have been IT item for fashionistas around the world. The original items normally costs $250- 400 but I have noticed their look alikes cost just the same or maybe tad bit lesser, the cheapest look alike I found was the one she is carrying for 950 baht.

Anyways guys hope you liked my post after what felt like decades. I assure you I ll have a reguar update from now on and to all the new graduands and graduates good luck with finding jobs and yourselves.
Best wishes,                     Bag/Jumpsuit/Shoes/Accessories : Bangkok

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