Sunday, 7 July 2013

If you got em- flaunt em!

 Dear Readers,
Sigh!First thing first its been forever and a day since I have updated my blog,for that, I apologise.
This look is low-key no fuss outfit of the day( OOTD), I actually went to watch Johnny Depp's Lone ranger yesterday wearing this outfit.
It dawned on me recently that I haven't really done a post on tall boots. I don't own many to begin with, sure, I have quite a lot of shoes especially heels and ankle boots, I am happy quality and quantity wise with my collection but I think I need more tall boots in my collection.I love whole skinny jeans 'n boots look and even the look of a great pair of boots with a nice skirt or dress. That said, for petites, tall boots can be challenging- Shaft can't be too tall. My boots have an overlapping exterior panel much like Givenchy shark boots, main reason why it caught my attention.

One of my recent purchases is the sunny I am wearing. I am so happy with my find that I can't get enough of it. I love sunglasses and I don't mind paying for them, though I can't afford to buy many but still I am more than happy with what I just own. For almost a year and half I have been in look-out for a perfect aviator glasses, I just fell in love with this one, its so light weighted and comfy that I declare this as my most favourite sunny. It was tad expensive but totally worth it.

If I wanted I could have matched my jacket and boots as I do own many grey jackets but these days I am more into contrasting my outfits,what say?
I have been shopping quite a lot these days,  I actually wana show all of em but its gona take months for me to show em all as you know I find it very hard to keep up with my updates.
As I have mentioned before, I love reading! yes! I love classical books to modern sifi books and I am a sucker for happy endings so definitely a huge romance book addict. Don't misunderstand me, I love happy endings but I don't really believe in one, so No, I am not least bit romantic in real life. I just like creating my own world, where happy endings quite exist. Thats why I love mills and boon, I just read my 600th MB so yay!! Its nothing blog related, just wanted to share something which I love,maybe even more than fashion.
Thank you everyone for reading our post! Hope you had a good weekend, I certainly did with good food and a company.
xoxo,                              Dress : Forever 21
C.                                   Jacket : Uno Shimada
                                       Shoes/ bag : Nine west (here )
                                       Sunny : Oliver Peoples ( here )

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