Thursday, 13 June 2013

Special post : Light weight jacket+ tribal print

 Hi everyone!
Just taking break from my books, so thought I could use some distraction. I Had these pictures so thought might as well post them. I realised this is our 50th post, I know I can't believe we have merely posted 50 posts in last one year. I certainly feel like I should have posted more, as I look into my closet, I feel like I have not even scratched half. This outfit is so simple and casual, there isn't much to elaborate on.If you noticed, I tend to add light- weight jacket to most of my outfits. I am not fond of thick fur and woollen jackets, unless in its utmost urgency. I like jackets of this sort, light-weight at the same time chic which does give you warmth but keeps all fussiness of heavy and thick jackets at bay.It is not extremely cold to begin with at the moment, which makes it perfect to pair with sweaters and denims. The light weight jackets is my go-to-cover-up, an absolute essential.

 When you say cold, first kind of footwear that comes to my mind are my UGGS. At the moment its not that cold for me to use em. Its so funny when everyone expects you to get UGG when you ask what they would want, just because UGGS are made in australia doesn't mean they come cheap ( hahaa). And next to uggs are my ankle boots, they are "must haves" for winters . I don't know why I like giving my finishing touch with ankle boots to most of my outfits, be it leggings, denim,slacks or any bottoms. I own more ankle boots than tall boots, tall boots are quite good to look at but not one of tthe most comfortable foot wears.

 I like this tribal print sweater, actually quite a lot. Actually I used to wear it with shorts and stilettos, simple and chic but here I have used it as a layering piece.

 Cheers to my models, photographers and our supporters! for making 50th post.Its a special post hence the title. Hope you have a good day and a pleasant weekend.
 toodle-oo,             Denim/ Jacket : GUESS
C                                           Bag: Hermès
                                             Shoes : Wittner
                                             sweater: random

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