Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We Wore What

Dear Readers,
Here I am with another short post. Winter weather got you down? Are you one of those wishing for little bit of warmth? There I was thinking it was getting tad warmer and temperature takes a drastic downfall. I don’t waste my time wishing what is beyond anybody’s hand, it will get warm when its time to get warm. But staying warm by dressing cozy is all on you.  I want to wrap myself in sweaters, blanket, scarves and all thing winter cozy. Its really hard for me to winterize my outfit, as I feel all those layering seem drab and something not blog-worthy. In this outfit ensemble, I am wearing a long sweater cardigan; they are warm but not crazy warm for our weather.  Would I ever wear my ripped jeans with this sweater in this crazy cold weather? My answer is No.  I am always overly and heavily dressed. People always tell me I dress like I live in Atlantic (laugh).  This outfit ensemble is exclusively for blog. I think I would love to wear something like this when it becomes bit warmer. 
Jeffrey Campbell cromwell, they are chic as they come. These slight slit boots are becoming wardrobe staple and I can't wait to explore and experiment this trend further. Buy these beauties from Karmaloop.

xoxo,                                      Boots : JC ( click here)
C                                            Jeans : Asos  ( click here )
                                               Sweater Cardigan : Dotti ( old collection )
                                                cami top : Bkk

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