Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2017 : Cape Addiction

 Dear Readers,
Happy 2017! I hope this new year brings you all the success and happiness of this world, just don't forget to work for it. There is something refreshing about the start of the new year. My inner cynic says its just another year whilst my inner optimist goes crazy at the idea of a whole new blank page to fill up , new mistakes and owning up to em. New year has been great for me, from getting engaged to new car from my brother and I intend to make same amazing start in my work as well as hitting refresh on my blog contents.

Cape trend has never been as big as it was in 2014-2015 , Burberry plaided cape was a huge success and I think I am still hungover that trend, I just love capes. While cozy capes hardly exist but they  sure scream loud and clear as statement piece. They make any outfit ensemble look so chic and stylish. They have become much experimental over the years, I have yet to experiment floor length and military style as I am bit reluctant for obvious reasons. My height would always be my biggest insecurity.  I like coat version more than the poncho, poncho version is more fancy, interpreted in a boho-chic way whereas the coat version is more snug fit, elegant and has a formal vibe all over. I had my fill of poncho style back in university days, so I incline more towards coat style these days yet my model is wearing poncho style and I think they look quite nice. They may not be the warmest piece for winter but they sure are to turn some heads. So, my first ever post of 2017 shall be short and I promise to write more in next update!

 I just adore this hoof aka bent in heels.And its a bonus that mine are in suede. They became quite a trend in 2013 when Christian dior had massive collections of these beautiful pumps. I just have few lookalikes of CD, I shall show em in future posts.
                                               Jeans : Liquor & Poker ( via asos) click here 
                                               Cape : New Chic ( click here )
                                               Heels : Aliexpress
                                               Top : Bkk

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