Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How adult are you?

So, I have been asking myself lately, how adult am I? When I was younger, I begged, pleaded and bartered to sit at the "grown-up " table. Adults talking about business, relationships, struggles fascinated me. Yes! I was one of those kids who coudn't wait to grow up. Because I was such a book warm , I thought I knew  all about adulthood. I used to think I was way matured and wiser than my peers, always looked down my adult nose on em ( hehee) . Now, not only am I an adult but its so different than I thought it'd be. Like hard different. Its nice knowing I am tax paying citizen, but I have had to learn some important adulting lessons the hard way. "Driving or going on ride on weekend is a waste of gas ", I had one of those thoughts lately and I burst out laughing, realising I was all grown up now. When my boyfriend talks about some limited edition sneakers, movies or latest episode of GOT, I roll my eyes and I go "please babe not right now". Sometimes I cannot believe those were our topics of conversations.  He says its because I associate more with adults and have more responsibilities than him. We both straddled the line between adolescence and adulthood with the same wobbly flair. But I feel my soul is way older than him. I don't shop even half as I used to, I dont feel the need. No insecurity or petty jealousy or rivalry. I am just Happy as I am and what I could be if I worked harder.
I still do love when people say I am hardworking and wise for my age though (wink) .  I think I am ready for next phase in life, don't be surprised if you find me knocked up ( haha).
I think I just shared my real  life epiphany!

Coming to actual post, minimal monochromatic outfit is always a winning look! there is no secret trick to wearing all white- everyone can pull it off and look absolutely gorgeous. If I were to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of wearing whites. With the nature of my job, three dogs and the very fact that I stay in Bhutan, I am one laundry day or coffee mishap away from a disaster, right? And my those stain don't go easy. The very fact that I had to change right after shoot because I caught some stain on my pant proves white and me have some issues we will never ger over with. However, when I am brave enough to don a white clothing, I enjoy tossing bit of colors, probably mix with darker shades. So, are you a risk taker with white or do you buy em just to hang em in your closet like me.
I have tried to pair my faux fur jacket with my furry zara sandals. I think it was a fitting outfit to bid farewell to cold snowy winter.   I shall update a next post pretty soon, until then stay beautiful and stylish.

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