Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Lady In Red

Hey Everyone!
Its been really long without any update on my blog, I am really sorry but sometimes life really gives you lemon and I haven't learn to make lemonade yet. I seriously wana roll my eyes to people who have 2 days off a week and still complains about their jobs,  what I wouldn't do for just a day off in a week but luckily I got 3 days off for blessed rainy day and I feel so damn rested.
Coming back to my blog , I really love jumpsuit, its an easy to wear summer piece. Nothing better to bid a farewell to summer than this summer one piece. These photos were taken long time back as one of my summer outfits, so long summer!
Everyone wants to look good and stay up-to-date from a fashion standpoint, but its an ever evolving fashion world that makes it hard to stay on trend. Fall is my favourite season and I have so many Fall favourites and must haves , so I am gona bring to you gradually few of my favourite pieces in future posts.I am keeping this post short and saving details for future updates Click here to see someone I adore rock the same jumpsuit.

I am so into bucket bags, I think they add sophistication with the wild edge to the look. After fashion week we knew bucket bags were gona be huge, I have got my hands on few of these runway bags and I can't wait to show em all.
Is it weird that I have same belt in 4 other colors? I bought em in sydney and they came in 4 pack. I bought  em from China town so they were cheap.

xoxo,                                 Jumpsuit : ASOS ( click here )
C.                                       Bag : Charles and Keith
                                           Heels : online
                                          Belt : Moschino inspired

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