Sunday, 21 August 2016

Funk with Capital F

 Hey everyone!
No matter how I try, my post always ends up on Sundays. I have been busy thinking a lot lately, especially regarding my work, since I have been relocated or soon to be relocated. When I think about complete flip over in career, it kinda gives me chills. I always undermine myself, I am wondering if I could do it, I am way too young for such responsibilities yada yadaa..but at the end of the day I know its good for me in long run. Only saving grace is I will be sharing workload and move in with my soul mate.

Coming back to the post , this look is so simple and just down right comfortable in this heat. My boyfriend is always telling me to wear oversize cloths and sneakers, to him girl is hottest in a very laid back , basic street style clothing, which could easily pass for a gym wear. I decided to keep my heels in these pictures because i looked ridiculously short in my matching grey sneakers, probably because of my oversized top. I ended up adding a pop of neons. Let me fill you in a secret, no matter how we love dresses, heels and celebrities inspired outfits, there is no greater comfort  than old pair of tee and a worn denim with our loyal sneakers and flat. Basic is good, basic is comfort. So, I am hell to the yeah for the reemergence of basic but long forgotten fashion items. Whilst the full gym get- up may not be something you should indulge, you can apply a few subtle elements to your ensemble. Team a comfy sneakers with a pair of leggings or jogger pants with a slouchy jumpers. Its casual and chic and more modish than mumsy. And girls wear trainers with your OOTD and not just for gym. they are one of the biggest street style trends, they really add a funk with a capital F ( laugh)

xoxo,                                       Top : H&M
C.                                             Leggings : uniqlo
                                                Bags : Jessica Burrman ( click here)
                                                Heels : Shubar Australia 

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