Saturday, 4 June 2016

No pain No gain

Happy weekend everyone!
Simplifying this look with the minimalist way I can, if you notice, I am wearing just 2 shades of colors. This is a  delicate meets tough look, I just adore the interplay with the simple black combination with the robust chained bag. People often ask me how I find time to do shoots with the type of schedules I keep, well to answer honestly, I take bunch of photographs in one day during my off time and just post gradually. You can say my entire posts of a year is pretty much done in a week. Hence the identical makeup and hair in almost all the posts. This was an OOTD so I haven't put much afford in it. The story behind 'how' this post happened is actually really funny. Normally me and my girlfriend AKA my photographer load my car with cloths, shoes and bag ,we just head out to do our so called photo shoot. I was wearing this ensemble casually,  I set out as to be outta them and wear my blog outfits but my friend said I actually looked good in em, all I needed was matching handbag. Luckily I had packed my Stella McCartney's Falabella, and somehow this accidental post turned out better than those planned blog outfits. 

This bag is one of those bags which I bought from Jessica Burrman.They are iconic bag of Stella McCartney and vastly popular. I saw their replicas in $25-40 in few websites but I wanted this bag from all bags to be of quality. Atleast the top notch quality $100 can deliver. I was little disappointed but since I didn't pay much , I think I can live ( hahaa). Seriously! during those rare times I find myself I have paid so much for some shitty goods, it eats me alive and rattles me big time, i hate being duped!
I love these f21 wedge, I saw em like two years ago but never bought em. I think they restocked em like three times by now. They look way comfier than they are, I guess what lacks in comfort , look does it to make it up. 'No pain,no gain' , right ?
I think anybody with a job that allows two days off should never complain about their jobs, It just says you aren't a responsible adult so suck it up. Seriously! working without any offday except for half sunday  is really getting to me. yeah, I work till noon on sunday and rest of the day is the only off day I get in entire week. Before the adrenaline rush of earning big use to give me all kinds of kicks but lately I have really started resenting my work as I barely get time to even talk with my boyfriend. Blogging keeps me sane, for all unfathomable insane reasons, I find it refreshing and it takes off the work edges. Yada yada...I can go on forever but I think this is the only writing I can do during my lunch hour. Happy weekend and be happy everyone!
xoxo,                                                     Top : H&M
C.                                                           Pant : Uniqlo
                                                               Bag : Jessica Burrman ( click here)
                                                               Heels : Forever 21
                                                               Sunglass : Charles& Keith

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