Sunday, 22 May 2016

Being Natural

Hey everyone!
 Its been raining pretty much everywhere in Bhutan, so even though Its almost summer, we still have chills, especially during mornings and evenings. This outfit, you can say is a chilly summer outfit. These pictures came very bad because it rained right after I was done taking pictures. It was such a gloomy day yet I refused to give up on my shoot. Actually, I was bored outta my mind, decided to try on some outfits, this ensemble came right, so thought why the heck not . If you are one of those keen observers you would have noticed a decline in my photo quality, well normally I used to use my brother's old camera with a good ass lens but since I mishandled and spoilt it, I have to do by with my Canon 70D. I have a good camera, just a bad lens.I  I am saving up to buy a telephoto Lens, it can cost me but it should be worth my while so right now I am re-searching, any suggestions ?

I guess my readers know by now, I love fashion and fashion goodies, especially shoes. I can even kill for em ( little exaggerated) but you get the drift, right? But these days more than shoes I am obsessed with bags, can I call my myself bagsessed? because I really have been bagsessing over lot of designers bags. Bags which I want but can never afford (hahaa). Like some great man said,' there always is a way if you have the will', so my ever greater will power found replicas for almost all the bags in my wishlist (hahaa) . Jokes aside, I went little crazy while buying bags from Jessica Burrman. I even found Stella Mccartney's falabella and Gucci's Dionysus. I have seen their cheaper replicas in sites like Aliexpress and alibaba but this time I decided to buy for me and not for anyone. I didn't have to wow anyone with my endless non repetitive collections, I wanted quality and Jessica Burrman delivered, except for Stella's Falabella, even after paying almost $100, quality is just OKAY. Rest are all worth their prices and I shall show you one by one gradually. This Boy quilted bag of Chanel is one of the best they have, nothing would give away of their originality except for the Chanel logo they avoided in the front, I guess they didn't wanna get sued.
These gladiator sandals are widely popular, originally by Chloe but now every TOM, DICK and HARRY outlets sell these. Either in knee high or ankle length,most retail outlets and online have both. Sorry! about the bad pictures and I hope you don't find my poses cheesy, especially with those where I am on phone. When my photographer says " Be natural" , thats me being natural and over doing it , hence the cheesy poses (wink) .
xoxo,                                               Blazer : Zara
C.                                                    Dress : Guess ( old collection)
                                                        Beanie : Ebay
                                                        Bag : Jessica Buurman ( click here )    
                                                        shoes : Forever 21 ( click here)

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