Sunday, 19 June 2016

crème de la crème

 Hi people!
I have been devastated and feeling really sad as I lost my 2 puppies in one week. My black mastiff caught some bug and died within a day, but my small puppy she was a fighter, she fought as much as she could, but in the end she couldn't make it. I am not really sure what killed em, Vet in Thimphu said it was some kind of epidemic disease that was killing dogs in thimphu, they weren't sure themselves. I have never cried this hard in my life, its like losing part of me. I just hope they are in better place. I am trying to distract myself doing anything because when I think about it, I still burst into tears. I just hope our government does something about our veterinary hospitals, because the one in Thimphu is a dump. I am usually not the one to complain but not knowing what really happened is making me crazy. Blogging has been some sort of coping machinism for me before but sure as hell don't work anymore. I tired so many times to post last week but I just wasn't feeling it.

Coming to the post, wearing this black jumpsuit makes me feel good for so many reasons. Black makes me look thinner and taller, its saree like drape style is unique and flattering, with cami strap this jumpsuit is down right perfect. Cami tops took world by storm last year, now you can see cami EVERYTHING, from tops, playsuits to jumpsuits, slip dresses to maxi dresses. Whatever the product, if it has cami stap, you are bang on trend! days are getting hot to hotter, trust me cami straps are perfect for summer. We all have one or two jumpsuits, but do you own a cami jumpsuit? if you don't, you should probably invest in em this summer, they are the creme de la creme of all jumpsuits! I wore my yellow Jimmychoo malika, to give the pop of color, almost any color look fab with monochrome. But last minute I decided to do my shoot in black and white for a change.

 These jimmy choo malika replica is one of the best copy I have seen and worn, this actually has heel an inch smaller than original, making it totally wearable and comfortable.

BTW this jumpsuits are from Club L ( british brand) which I bought from ASOS.  Club L, Lavish Alice, missguided and Boohoo are brands I recommend you to check on asos, especcially if its clothing related items you are looking for. Prices are reasonable and somthing about their unique styles and quality always stand out.

 xoxo,                             Jumpsuit : Club L ( via ASOS ) click here 
C                                     Heels : Jimmychoo Malika inspired
                                        Earring : F21

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