Thursday, 28 April 2016

Make or Break it

Hey Everyone!
A blog post after a long time, finally! Well I am sort of on self declared holiday so I had all the time in the world. These pictures were taken few days ago when it rained and you can say this was definitely my OOTD minus the heels of course. No matter how beautiful your heels are, they hurt your feet like sons of bi**ches (laugh). Anyways with weather blowing hot and cold, I think its definitely a time to take your culottes out. somehow I am very fascinated with the comeback of this trend so you can bet there is gonna be a lot of future posts on em.
 When I first spotted culottes in New York fashion week 2015, I had my reservations alright, sure they look good on Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid,but  what doesn't ? Kendal has been major influence for me as I have seen her rock culottes way too many times to count. My absolute Favourite is to pair em with cropped tops and Bandeus, which I shall show you in future posts, right top can make or break this look.  Despite my attempt to sound convincing, I'm sure not everyone has fallen in love with this trend. In that case, don't splurge! I suggest you give culottes a chance, scoop up an affordable pair to play dress up like a little girl without breaking the bank balance (laugh). Especially petite girls pay attention to the fit and I suggest you choose with shorter hemline. I bought this pink one from Zara india during my last visit to Delhi and been wearing it every chance i had.

  Well this clutch and heels are something you have  seen on my instagram like two years ago but somehow never made it to my blog, I would say these sandals look more classier than they are comfortable. If you are someone who is transitioning from sneakers days to heel, I would suggest heels like this are not worth your money and the pain it entails. Buy heels with little platform in the front, no girl should be scared shitless for their first time with heels (hahaa). I haven't elaborated on turtle neck I am wearing because I wana do a whole post on em in future.

BTW these two puppies are new additional members of my family, I adopted em few months ago and gifted em to my niece and nephews since I already have two babies of my own. Its never to early to learn about responsibilities. Picture below is one of the future posts on culottes, this is the preview and it doesn't hurt to keep readers hanging (laugh) yes! definitely like those Movies and Books with Cliffhanger endings .

xoxo,                                          Pant : Zara
C.                                               Heels : Spurr ( via the iconic)
                                                   Clutch : Aldo
                                                   Turtle Neck : Bkk

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