Monday, 3 August 2015

High-Low Maxi Dress

Hey everyone!
Its been forever since I had an update, my sincere apologies! Let me get straight to the point. Everyone loves warm, good-spirit, carefree vibes of summer, especially all the fun and easy-breezy clothing that accompanies. Maxi dress is one of those summer staples which I just can't get enough. Although the maxi dress has been a long running summer trend, this year I see styles with full, flowy skirts. My maxi dress has a high-low element, adding this peekaboo element is always sexy. Peek-a-boo as in you are showing your legs by not actually showing all of em, made sense? (laugh). Normally dresses with spaghetti straps and V neck-line can accentuate your best features and give the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette.
I think its never  been as Maxi of a trend as it is this year. Maxi trend reinvents themselves and earn their ground by bringing together all previous style fads. Hi-Lo Maxi dresses with denim jacket, sweater cardigans, cropped tops, chunky sweaters and so on. Maxi can be paired in hundred and one ways. I love Maxis, I'm talking about the maxi dress as if its a person. yeah, I lose it sometimes ( laugh)

Sophia Webster Butterfly pumps inspired. They come in multiple colors but I love this yellow one the most. Since I am downsizing and this happen to be one of those size 37 which is tad big for me even though I am size 37 ( atleast most of the time). So anyone interested in buying can inbox me.

xoxo,                                      Dress : Stylemoi ( buy here )
C.                                           Shoes : Sophia Webster inspired

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