Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shredded Cardi with Chained boots

Hey Guys!!
Today was not a  good day for photo-shoot because it rained almost whole day, but that didn't stop me. Just wanted to a post on OOTD. It was a cold day so I dressed accordingly, I always feel like don't compromise your comfort and warmth for style. Why freeze yourself wearing em shorts in cold weather, right? I have found for every season there is a style and trends.
Nothing to elaborate much on this ensemble, its pretty simple. Its comfy and simple. I love that Hi-Lo top, I was actually waiting for my brothers in Pantip Plaza in bangkok, I was waiting for long time so  decided to go mall next door, Platinum mall is so huge,I know you get cloths and shoes in most reasonable prices but damn its so big. I feel mall is so stuffy, lot of stores to choose from, it confuses the hell out of me so I always end up almost buying nothing from there. This top I bought from the one of the few first stores I visited and just as I was paying my brothers buzzed me, I didn't get to explore the whole mall but I found few interesting stuffs from the stores I visited. This top probably costed me 300 baht, but hey don't you think it deserves every penny of those 300.
Long cardigans, kiminos trend is bigger than anything, firstly I will run by you my long sweater cardigans, gradually as climate warms up I shall show my chiffon and lace kiminos.
Boots hate you not. Love Those Zara babies, they are heavy alright but they are uber comfy too. I have Biker chained boots from Chanel ( replica), they are pretty similar in style so I have decided to sell this one. I paid Nu. 4000 in bangkok, I ll be selling em for the same price as I wore it just one time for this photo shoot.   Anyone interested? Talk about selling, I have noticed most girls dig JC's litas lookalikes more than any shoes, as those were the ones I sold pretty quickly. I have sold 3 of em and I ll be putting others on sale pretty soon. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend? I sure as hell gonna go out and enjoy myself. Love life, live life and work even harder, there is nothing stopping you but youself. everyone have a good night and even a better week. 
xoxo,                                                      Shoes : Zara ( buy here)
C.                                                           cardigan : H&M
                                                               Pant : Forever 21
                                                               Top : Bkk


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