Monday, 30 March 2015

Hello Spring!

Hey everyone!
Its end of march already and I haven't made a single post in 2015. I have been busy with everything in my life. Someone told me in life you can't have a fulfilling career, a great love life and an active social life all together. You have to give up at least one for other two, for me I would give up my social life 100 times over for other two. I enjoy working, I have some dreams I want to fulfil before I am 30, that gives me only 6 years. I really want to own a place of my own, definitely before my marriage. My boyfriend and me, we have this notion that one should be independently wealthy enough before you marry and decide to bring a child in your lives. He keeps lot of jobs with his studies and I don't mind working, and to sacrifice tad bit of social life is easy price to pay. I can't find myself to give up blogging all completely, I can't give as much time as I used to but I shall blog when and if I get time.

I went for a ride with a friend and decided it was time I had a post. Sorry most of my stuffs are in Thimphu, I have managed what I could with few stuffs I have with me. I am a sucker for Blazers, Blazer fetish even then and now, something never change it seems. That checked pant is one of my favourite bottoms, I love this ensemble. Its simple, elegant and classy, it has something matured vibe to this whole look. The Spring 2015 runways saw a tremendous shift towards 70s flare. From high waisted trousers to paisley prints. I am 70s fan, Would love to see how other contemporary designers and brand will reinvent 70s style in the coming seasons. Imagine if all those crazy prints were to reemerge this spring, will you give it a go?
This halter neck top from H&M is my favourite, its like it was made for me. They fit so perfectly. BTW don't I look good with few pounds of flesh on me? Weight gain equates curviness, doesn't hurt anyone with few curves to flaunt these days, does it?  Seriously! I can take a sigh of relief, as now I look my age. No more people confusing you with your 12 years old niece.
Gianvito Rossi, son of a very famous designer Sergio Rossi, his heels are to die for. I am literally obessed with Rossi men, their designs are indeed one in a million if not billion. My obsession deviates little more to Gianvito Rossi's collections. I can't afford a $1000 shoe even if my life depended on it, so I have been buying lot of lookalikes, replicas whatever they are called these days.
He has this huge collections of PVC pumps  and all are stunners. I love mine one in green and I have few more of his collections, can't wait to flaunt em.
xoxo,                                            Pant/ Blazer : Hongkong
C.                                                 Shoes : Gianvito Rossi replica ( buy similar here)
Halter neck top : H&M

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