Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ripped Jeans and Red

Hey Guys!!
Its been really long since my last post, to say I was busy is an understatement. I really wanted to do a Halloween post on my halloween outfit that has been ready since July.I was supposed to be Queen Elsa from Frozen and her princess gown did not come cheap. But our company was participating in major 3 Tender bids, so even trying to get out of it would have been energy totally wasted. Kholongchu Projects are like the next big thing in construction world.
Coming back to the blog post, these pictures were taken a long time back and I just love how these non-so expensive separates look great together when teamed up! There is something about torn jeans worn with sweats that I just can't resist. Nothing more to write than to say enjoy the cold and enjoy my pictures.

                                                  Pant/sweats/heels : Hongkong
These are my new purchases and I am so effing dying in happiness. I have been admiring these beauties on ramps and now I own all of em. Gianvito Rossi has one of the best collections when it comes to shoes. These are like the most popular from his collection and Oscar De La Renta's Empire Suede is every women's dream shoe. It took me quite a while to find their replicas in reasonable prizes and finally my search is complete and I am satisfied.

Having sold almost 15 pairs of my shoes. I was missing my babies so bad i needed substitutes. Is that what I tell myself? yes indeed! feeble excuse I know but I just can't help myself. I have been reading on shoe-addiction and how to fight em but my so called "retail reasoning" evaporates at the sight of a beautiful shoe. When I see em, its like destiny being struck by a bolt of lightning, love at first sight kind of feelings. They seem to purr " Hey stranger, what a girl like you doing without a shoe like us?" gosh! I sound crazy even to myself. They are expensive, yes, but they are an investment, right? I mean my parents want me to think about my future, and here, right in front of me, is a pair of amazing shoes that I knew I had a future with ( laugh)


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