Sunday, 5 October 2014

On the rebound

Hello everyone!
I chose this dress because it reminded me of Goeche( bhutanese print). I thought it was apt to post when Tsechus are in full swing in Bhutan. Nothing to elaborate on this post, I just love the print and moreover  Green-Yellow are very great combination. I just wished I had added yellow cardigan to this look. Somehow I felt that cardigan would even look better with my nirvana-inspired booties. So, I am saving it for later.
These shoes I bought on a rebound. Rebound on Guess Yellow Pointy pumps, which I wanted but never got. Back in sydney, whenever I bought stuffs from GUESS, which I did quite a lot, since Ninewest and GUESS are the most common stores in most shopping malls over there. They restock/newstock their items every other month, so naturally most items would be on sale, which suited me just dandily. I could totally wait it out on those stuffs I coveted, unluckily Luck did runner on me during yellow pumps and I bought these over my broken heartedness (laugh). Jokes apart, when GUESS ran out on my size, I bought these as they looked alike.

This post I intend to keep it short as sunday is only off day I get, I wana spend it wisely, wisely as in get back to my books hahaa. I am reading GoneGirl by Gillian Flynn, you must have heard about Ben Affleck's Gone-girl movie, which is doing extremely well right now, way to another Oscar I see. Seriously you either need to watch or read this, not many movies are rated 9 everywhere.

xoxo,                                           Dress/Shoes/belt : Yesstyle
C.                                                              Clutch : LYN
                                                                  Neckpiece: Bkk

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