Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fickle is Fun

Hello everyone!
I had this pictures taken while ago but as I looked more into these pictures. They looked too Blue for my liking. If I could do-over this shoot, I would wear a black shoe and a long thin knit cardigan to nullify the blueness from this look. I adore Ivory print and in this maxi dress, I especially love the halter neck part of the dress. It has stylishness and chicness written all over. A dress with eye catching detailing is the perfect way to jazz up an everyday outfit.  

Isn't the halter neck style seem too trendy these days?

These shoes look too beaten up, I admit, these pair are like my perfect work shoes. They give me little bit of height and are uber comfortable. Jeffrey Campbell has these replica as well, they are very simple and comfortable.

xoxo,                                                                   Dress : hongkong
C.                                                                         Heels: Jessica Burman ( click here)

I was watching TV, which I haven't done in a very long time. I came into an fashion advertisement  which said "Fickle is Fun". I thought it was such an apt slogan for their campaign. We girls take ages to decide what to wear, when to wear, how to wear..we change into hundreds of cloths before we decide on one, sometimes playing dress-up is fun, indeed fickle is fun. Since sunday is my off day, I am in a mood to write.
I learn't something this year: the more I shop, the less I have. I would like to think I am one of those who doesn't follow crowd when it comes to fashion, I could never understand the hype and degree of craze for JC's litas, like wise I couldn't understand why Balenciaga's Cutout booties are so popular in fashionverse. I saw those boots worn by celebrities, but they never made my heart beat faster. Its hardcore buckles are too masculine for my liking. So, many brands made look-alikes and since they are everywhere its hard to ignore em. They gradually grew on me, I wanted a look-alike which even kicked the original ones ass. I was so confused between the first and second one from the picture below. I bought both, thinking I could keep one and sell the other one which I least fancied. To my surprise this seller from whom I have bought few boots like JC's nirvana inspired booties and few others. He sent me third one in the picture for free as I am one of his loyal customers.Fickle is fun indeed! So, now I have to decide on one from three..which one do you think I should keep?

These cape Blazers and Blazer dress are something I bought few months back and I saw these celebrity bloggers wearing em and I couldn't help but be smug about my choice. I am gonna blog and show em soon on my blog.
She is one of my australian based blogger I follow, She does the grunge look the best. I so wanted this cape blouse of hers  so badly. I can use the expression, searched heaven and earth for em( laugh). Finally I got em and I am so happy about its quality. This post is not to showoff about stuffs I have bought, Its like haul video where I am showing my new purchases, only this time around its in written form. 

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