Friday, 21 September 2012

Jeepers Creepers! Hell Yeah !

Kuzo readers,
Sigh! a post finally, team is little off the hook these days..its a recess week baby! Hell yeah! We headed out with our camera (obviously) how could we not it was such a beautiful day yesterday and thought might as well take some clicks.
Weather is like up-tempo songs, changes so fast that you need to alter your wardrobe accordingly.
The minute September arrives its an internal alarm goes on in my head to unpack light clothing and goodbye my wools. hallelujah! Time to officially welcome spring. My closet hits for spring are indefinitely my tweed jackets, tweeds usually have varying shades of yarn woven, and the cloth has a striking sense of depth. You can coordinate one of the minor colors in your tweed with the color of your pant, that’s exactly what I did.I love everything about this jacket, its well tailored,stylish cuts, studs and very flattering fit.
Tweed is an inherently outdoorsy kind of cloth, and you want shoes that reflect a little of that outdoorsy spirit. The round toe brogue just made my look complete. I have always loved prada’s creeper Brogue but it was way out of my league. I was so happy when I found its look alike, lucky meh! enough with the craps i ll let these photos speak for themselves and finally Happy Blessed Rainy day to all my fellow bhutanese, get wasted and eat till u puke..^_~

                                                              Thanks for reading our stuffs!!

                          Pant/ Jacket : ZARA
                          Tee : Calvin Klien
                         Shoes : Winsor Smith

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  1. Hurray! Finally, yet another new post.
    This outfit is pretty. So girly! <3
    Keep going!!!