Sunday, 26 August 2012

Striped Maxi ♥+ classic Oxfords

Hi ya there!

We thought we won’t be able to update our blog for quite some time, everyone is super busy with their studies but we promise we will come back strong.
 We were headed to our favorite Chinese restaurant for some delicious dumplings and noodles, so we decided to get few clicks, though none of us were blog-ably dressed. When we started we did mention we would be more focused on “ outfit of the day” genre, genre that I always have been most interested.
So featuring C again, she had casual maxi dress on with a denim lookalike shirt with a tiny knot from front, perfect outfit to welcome a spring.

I love the period between August and September, that's when you have to do major transition with your wardrobe. Winter has its own pros and cons but i just simply love springs. Maxi dress is a perfect transitional piece. It makes you feel elegant and casual, all at the same time. Sometimes they kind of remind me of red carpet gowns (dresses which I could never have), you can show off red carpet inspired looks in a more subtle way with a beautiful maxi dress of ur own liking. What I love about maxi is that it can be worn not just by girly girls but those who aren’t comfortable showing their skin, it’s a tom boy counterpart to shorts I guess, looking as much sexy and chic. 

Oxford would definitely look great for laid-back, spring striped maxi dress paired with some loose shirt. Comfy but absolutely chic.
Oxfords an almost forgotten style, they have made a smashing comeback in fashion world now. I don’t know anyone who would shy away from this vintage style yet pretty footwear. Surely, you have a place for a pair or two in your shoe rack strictly for those days when you feel like walking around in your maxi skirt in the evening, eating ice-cream and taking photos of scenic spots just like we did  (I am totally bragging haha) 

                                                                              Thank you !!
                            Dress& shirt : Guess
                            Clutch& accessories : Colette
                            shoes: Wittner shoes

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