Saturday, 4 August 2012

Life is my runway~chapter 2~

Hi everyone!
This is the continuation of our previous post, as we said Opera house it was. So how do you like us so far? For years I was asked to fashion blog, are we everything you thought we would be? I hate disappointing people. How much would you rate us from 5?
Coming back to this look, this assemble is very dear to me. All the stuffs that are on me, according to me are shopping gone wrongs. The dress is 2years old, which I just wore one time, so is my denim jacket though it is jus a year old. Shoes I am wearing are C&K (Charles and Keith), they are from Singapore, while I was shopping I had this crazy idea that I could buy a dozen pairs of em since they were cheap and never have to buy a single shoe from here and would save lot of money. As expected things didn’t work that way, ended up shopping and my shoes untouched in some corner. To all the readers, shop smart.
Denim jacket, a key-piece in every season. Love how we can add a denim jacket to a simple patterned fishtail dress and accessorise it with a small satchel bag and a pair of nude, sexy, heels. Maybe shopping isn’t the answer always; instead make something out of the piles at the back of your closet.
As I said, I will introduce brands (sth that might be new to you), enter Uno Shimada, a Japanese brand. It might not be one of the cheapest brands around but it caters Asian size, style and rare phenomenon called “Asian swag”.  Why the emphasis? My scarf is from that store; this brand is one of my favourites, its perfect for petite girl like me. You will see lot more of it in future posts.

                                                                    Thank you!!

                                                               Dress: dotti
                                                               Sunnies: Prada
                                                               Shoes: Charles&Keith
                                                                Bag: Nine west
                                                               Scarf: Uno shimada

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