Saturday, 12 November 2016

Anti-fit yet so fit

Hey Everyone!
I have drafted this post since last week and today I just felt like posting it. Nothing says fall louder than shimmying into a variety of cozy pieces, and there is nothing cozier or cooler piece than oversized sweater and sweatshirts, I like to call em anti-fit yet so fit trend ( make sense? ) . Anti-fit trend has  been embraced gradually, as we do know great fit has been-and forever will be- the key to impeccable style. Having said that, anti-fit trend is having its moment in fashion world right now. Its challenging the style status quo and gradually making a case for the anti-fit. Ever since celebrities have started incorporating them in their casual outfits, its hard to ignore the trend and they are proving to be quite convincing.
Just remember few things while trying this trend and you are good to go.
~ Keep it strictly casual- Don't try to incorporate oversize into formal or smart casual ensemble.
~ Don't oversize everything- With oversize top, remember to pair with slim and skinny bottom.
~ keep it Simple - Don't try too much layering with oversize trend
~ Wear em with Confidence - forget about all dos and donts above and wear whatever you like  with confidence and there is no trend you cannot carry it off. Normally if you are second guessing your wardrobe choice , you will be constantly pulling the hemline up so that top doesn't look as long and bulky, then this absolutely isn't for you--like I said confidence is the key.
Few of us having grown up with brothers, those of us have always had a penchant for men cloths. As grown up, brothers were substituted by boyfriends and hence the birth of Boyfriend trends.
Once we gave boyfriend jeans and Blazer a try, we were hooked. From there on, everything went down the hill few sizes higher, and even a girliest of girls couldn't resist the trend. I have worn a dress beneath my sweat but it sortof looks like a skater skirt. Wearing leggings and sneakers with this looks is the most chic as casual outfit can get. I really love oversize casual outfits Kiley Jenner and Hailey Baldwin wear.
 I hope to bring you all few more fall trends before winter comes knocking on our doors, till then ciao people and keep warm.

xoxo,                             Sweatshirt : Acne Studio ( replica)
C.                                  Skirt/ dress : Forever New
                                     Bag : Hermes inspired
                                     Boots : Ninewest (australia)
                                     Beanie : Ebay

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