Sunday, 13 July 2014

White lily..Red roses..

Hey guys!!
Oh my to the freaking god its FIFA world cup final. Gosh this world cup proved expensive for me, damn I lost $1000 on Netherlands during semi-final. I am rooting for Argentina but I think Germany might probably win. Just finished my work as we wanted tonight so that everyone could enjoy.

 Me and my crew been working on tender documents for last few days, which we are to submit tomorrow. This is nothing big shot tender but it is something I am doing on my own,  not even a tad bit help from my dad and brothers. I feel proud I could pull off these whole thing last year and this year I wanted to do it better. Plus it supports my habits. I can put extra efforts  and waste as much and not feel guilty that I am using my parent's, hence the Christian Loboutins and Valentino bag last year . I wanted to treat myself.
Coming to the post, I am sorry for the delay, I have been otherwise involved. White on whites trend has been around for a while. I just adore White and red, somehow unintentionally end up buying most of my stuffs in those. These colors remind of flowers hence the name of my post. These outfits are one of those, when you strike a jackpot. You know pay very less for qualified products. Dress was very affordable but quality is just so fab and I like the whole lace detailing, cardigan I got a deal in one of those korean stores in sydney.
Christian Louboutin Pigalle spike inspired, they look so yummy but one of the most uncomfortable shoes in my collection. Anyways guys look forward to see my dress collections and enjoy the finals..Yay!!

C.                                                    Dress: Bangkok
                                                        Sunny : Louis Vuitton
                                                        Shoes : Windsor Smith

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