Sunday, 14 October 2012

Slurge, Spend or Save

 Hi readers,
As much as i like fashion and taking pictures, its really hard to keep up with updates. Kudos to all other bloggers who are able to update regularly. It was a lazy sunday so we decided it was time we had an update. I thought i would save shorts for later and get over with my spring wardrobe essentials, especially my military and boyfriend blazers from Zara, i really wanted to do posts on em but it has really heated up that blazers are out of question now, maybe one of rainy/ windy days i shall definitely showcase em.
If you are a regular reader of fashion blogs or enjoy watching fashion gurus on youtube then you must have seen varieties of laced up boots for women, these bad boys are so in for falls and early summers, this grunge meets the ghetto side of you giving vibes of a military boot, yet you don't  look less groovy in it.
As a proud owner of a pair, i can say these are king when it comes to comfort, they sure do look heavy but it actually isn't, so easy to walk in though it look tad daunting. When i purchased this pair, i bought it from outlet paying $230, i wore it proudly just to find the same pair at $160 in some online store, could have saved $70 and bought myself a nice flat. So friends haste do become waste, all i can say is shop smart.

 Denim short that she is wearing is not actually a mini skirt, its a short/ skirt, i think its called pant-skirt  (weird name if you ask me).I dont really like to do much writing, i ll let my pictures speak for themselves and hope you have an amazing week ahead.
                                                   Top : Forever 21
                                                   Shorts: Kakamee
                                                   Shoes: Aldo
                                                  Clutch: Ninewest.

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  1. i am expecting more pic'....its really exciting to see this blog. Try and keep updated :D luv this work dear